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Sister Maleena Felshaw

howdy partners


Heres some updates for my mom and whoever reads these:

-we got to go to the temple as a mission on Oct 30th!!! Each zone had a different session. It was my first time going back to the temple in over a year and boy did it feel good.

- a member gave us a bunch of bananas. Not like a singular bunch of bananas but like A BUNCH OF BANANAS. like 20. Needless to say I ate a lot of bananas. I was looking up different banana recipes and a picture below was one of the results. I was not a fan.

-transfers happened. Again. I know they're every 6 weeks but it sure does feel more frequent than that. My comp and I both stayed! I kinda expected that but I'm super excited to continue in this area and work on my spanish.

-speaking of Spanish: it is hard. It is hard to be a missionary for 15 months and then be put into a Spanish area and feel like you can't contribute anything. It's hard to have thoughts in your mind that you feel would help someone but not be able to communicate them. It's hard to have people talk about you in front of you because they think you dont understand. IT'S HARD OKAY. but I am so grateful for it. I love this language and I'm sad I have such a short time on the mission to learn it but I look forward to continuing it after.

Sorry, little did you know when you asked to be on my email it was more of signing up to hear my problems lol. Life is good guys! Have an awesome week!

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