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Sister Marian Leavitt

One month of being a missionary!!

What a week it has been!! The saying is so true Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days! We have been so busy everyday which has been so good for me!! We made a lot of new friends and we've been teaching pretty often! Last pday i got to see sister wallin and it literally healed my soul! I got to see her at a few service projects too so that was a HUGE BLESSING!!

The area I'm in isnt the nicest area but it definitely could be worse. About 90% of the people here are nice and will listen to us and most of the time they decline and then we have the 10% who are rude. So i feel pretty blessed for that 90%! Ive gotten a lot more comfortable starting conversations while street contacting/parking lot contacting! Sister hasleton has been the best help! She doesnt force anything on me but she helps me gain my confidence to do things when i feel ready!! Im sooo thankful for her! She has been the biggest blessing and she has the voice of a literal angel!!! I could listen to her sing all day!! I got to do my first mini exchange this week and i was with sister barney!!! She is literally the best ever!!!! You will never see her not smiling and she has the best light and happiness about her! I literally love her SO MUCH!!!

we had a few lessons this week and met with some new friends! The names of people here are SO interesting... very unique for sure! Our new friend belai came to church yesterday and he has a very thick accent and very much a jokster. He told us about the time he shook Donald Trumps hand and when the security guard asked him how he knew him, belai told the guy that he was donald trumps son?! He has the most random but funny stories! I love love love the people here! It has been so fun to see the different lifestyles and cultures!

Yesterday, I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM!!! BARRY GOT BAPTIZED!! he was SO SO excited it was the most precious thing! We did have a little scare, on saturday night we were supposed to meet with barry for a lesson so we rearranged a ride for him and they called us later and told us he wasnt home. We had to cancel the lesson so me and sister hasleton went over to his house to find him. We knocked for a while and he wasnt there but his phone is broken so we had no idea what to do. We continued about our night and in the morning like 2 hours before church we get a call from barry! He had worked all night so he could pay his phone bill so he could have his phone for the baptism!! It was such a miracle!! At the baptism sister hasleton and i taught the gospel of Jesus Christ! It was so special!!

I don't have too much to say today but I'm so thankful for this opportunity to serve! God really has blessed me so much! And i love hearing from all of you so email me!!

Favorite scripture this week is mosiah 2: 19-21. Remember to give thanks to our Heavenly Father! He is our KING!!

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