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Sister Sage Bundy

"She is just so adorably clueless"


Fun fact about Sister Bundy: the last movie she watched before getting set apart was Clueless (because of course) and this line is kind of the mood for the week.

Okay in all honesty, I'm not doing too bad. I've got one week in the field all done! And this week I officially hit my one month mark (weird, right?) And so far the mission has been a party. Well, maybe party isn't the right word because #reverence but it's been overall a solid week.

Last Sunday before I left for the field I surprised my family at the Bundy Reunion for testimony meeting!!! Ahhh, it was the best thing ever. I was still sad to miss the dances, races, ice caves, and general festivities BUT testimony meeting was amazing and I got the opportunity to report on my mission as a set apart missionary which was SUCH a cool experience. I feel like there's so much strength to be gained by sharing your testimony with your family and hearing theirs in return. Its seriously so so awesome. It was also good to have one last trip to Mt Trumbull before I left. I love that place with my whole heart.

On Tuesday we drove me to my mission which was super cool. Little advantage of driving to your mission is there's no weight limit and no one to check your bags so we packed my carryon full of steaks and hamburger because I may as well not bid farewell to good Bundy beef just yet. My parents also got to meet my mission president and his wife as well as both of my companions so that was also neat.

Speaking of which, I met my trainer this week! Her name is Sister Fambrough and she is just the cutest ever. I seriously love her so much. I was lowkey scared that I'd get an awful trainer but lucky me, I totally scored. We get along super well and have tons of fun and laugh a lot. Shes also a hard worker and I feel like we accomplish lots as well.

We also live with some Spanish speaking sisters and that's lots of fun as well. Hermana Draut makes me laugh so so hard every single day and Hermana Coray is super sweet, so I definitely am feeling blessed in the roomie department.

Last little story in this email but I have to tell you guys about this super cool experience that Sister Fambrough and I had. So we have zoom calls with the whole mission three times a week, so a lot of times we'll go over to the church to watch them. Our mission is kind of bad at time-keeping apparently because they always go over. Anyways. Surprise, we were late getting out but I'm so glad we were! So as we're in the church, we look out the window and see that someone is kinda circling the parking lot. We didn't think too much of it, but when we got out that same car was parked in the shade and they looked like they were having trouble of some kind. We went over and introduced ourselves and asked if we could help with anything. They said they had fuses out and wondered if we had any replacements. We said that we would call the elders and offered to get them some water because it was starting to get hot. We ran to our apartment and called the elders and while we were waiting for a call back we decided to run and quickly grab some lunch. As we passed the church, we noticed that the car was gone. We ran through a drive through and when we got all the way around, GUESS who was standing there? The guy from the parking lot!! We gave him the water and some granola bars and we went around to their car and gave them a Book if Mormon. They also said a prayer with us and have us their contact information. It was awesome. In Gods plan, there are no coincidences.

That's about all I got for you guys this week but I love you all and I hope that the rest of your week is great.

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