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Sister Savannah Browning

4 months people!!


🌸Hey everybody🌸

So tomorrow is my 4 month mark as a missionary. Pretty crazy!

I love how when you’ve been out for 4 months, everyone’s like “Oh, so you’re still pretty new.” It’s honestly true, and I don’t feel like I’ve been a missionary for that long, but also, like I’ve been here for 4 months of my life. That’s like more than a semester of college. It’s more than summer break. It’s a while!

This week has been something, I tell you what

I hit speedbumps and hills, but I’m still climbing the mountain! One of our recent converts is a mountain climber from Colorado and he told us a story a few weeks ago about how he was going to climb a mountain with his brother, but they got to the start of the trail, looked at the huge mountain, and wanted to turn back. But then he thought about how it would feel to be at the top and take a picture of where they had been standing at the bottom, seeing it from the peak. So they climbed and took the picture and found that it was worth it. That really inspired me and even though I’m not too far up the mountain, I can already look back a little and see that I’ve come a long way. It helps to congratulate myself on how far I’ve come.

Our people who had been progressing have all but stopped progressing. Hopefully it’s just that it froze again this week, but we’re down to less than 10. And nobody is keeping appointments! So we’re going to have to find some more people this week or something. Idk, but we’ll keep trying.

Also, how hard is it to get a haircut and color when I’m not living with my mom who will do it for free? The answer is very hard. I looked on google maps for a salon for like 3 minutes and I got worn out. So I’m going to push that one off to next week haha

But really, I’m okay. We had a cool lesson with a girl on saturday who is an exchange student with a member couple in our ward. She has been going to church with them for a while and she had some questions for us. We talked about how to get answers through scripture study, pondering, and prayer. She shared a little bit of her testimony with us of how going to church has given her hope and she wants her friends back at home to be able to feel the same thing. It was so sweet and the Spirit was so strong.

Also, the tender mercies of the Lord have been upon us. On Tuesday, we – I should say on every Tuesday – we have dinner with a couple sweet old sisters in our ward and they try their best with the food. But sometimes things are expired and that's okay. Haha but this tuesday, we were hoping for a good meal and on the way there, Sister Norton said she was hoping for tacos, because that’s hard to mess up. We got there, and lo and behold, tacos! And they tasted great!

Another cool little miracle was that when we went to the gym a couple weeks ago, we saw a couple there and then on Sunday, they were at church! So we are going to be trying to connect with them and see what's going on. But we talked to them at church and they’re really nice:)

This last week, our mission had some visitors. Some missionaries who were flying to their missions in Arkansas got stuck in DFW because of the ice and their flights ended up getting canceled, so they got to stay with our APs. The APs live with some tech missionaries that we talk to because of our assignment, so we got to meet a few of the Arkansas missionaries over zoom and that was fun. They said they got to have a 9 person companion study with four of our missionaries and 5 Arkansas missionaries and it sounds like they were having fun. Thankfully, they all got on their flights and they’re safely in their mission:)

I’m still figuring out how to be a missionary, but it’s getting better. I love you all and I appreciate your prayers. Write me back if you want! It’s nice to hear from you any day of the week.

Love you!

Sister Browning

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