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Sister Savannah Pric

We watched the entirety of the chosen this week lol


Hola todos!

This week as I've been preparing myself for conference and the words of the prophets, I've learned a lot about myself.  I've learned that I'm not as bad off as I think I am, that I've actually improved a lot, and that yes, despite who I used to be, I am still worthy of change and growth.

I've been listening a lot to different things, trying to bring the spirit into my life more abundantly.  I actually have an experience I want to share about that.  One day, I received a text from one of the ladies I'm teaching singing lessons to and she wanted to have another lesson!  She told me that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and loved what was in it, and that she had some questions and wanted to talk.  I was ecstatic!  So we scheduled a lesson and planned what we were gonna teach her.  That day I decided to read some conference talks that President Jackman had recommended for us about Easter, and I felt like I'd oblige him.  I was listening to "Where justice, love, and mercy meet," by Jeffery R. Holland, and I was filled with the spirit, as you do 😂 I listened to a few more talks by him, and I felt really spiritually uplifted and inspired, better than I've felt in my life.  (I also just wanted to add that, looking back, this day helped me to see how spiritually deficit I had become and that bringing the spirit back had helped me to feel better, and I've felt better since then).  So then we had this lesson with Janet, and it was so spiritual.  We talked a lot about her questions from the Book of Mormon, and then after she asked us how she can have the Holy Ghost more in her life, and we were able to tell her about baptism and how the Gift of the Holy Ghost can be with us always.  At first I think she took that harshly, because she told us that what we were saying is that if our church is true as we claimed it is, then all the other churches are false.  It took us a moment, but I think that moment was filled with the spirit, and we told her that it was true.  She didn't back away either like I thought she might.  She actually responded quite well, saying that she needed to read more before she came to any conclusions.  She is the kind of person who told us all those weeks ago that she wasn't looking for my truth or my companion's truth, but God's truth.  And I think things are going well, at least I hope so.  We haven't had a visit since then, but we did invite her to watch General Conference this weekend, and she seemed chipper as ever!  We are confident that the Lord is working on her every day!

This week we also had a chance to receive the first round of the covid vaccine!  I'm grateful for the technology we've been given that has given us a vaccine in just a year!  I know that this is going to benefit missionaries so much because of how often we are out and about with people, and after we are fully vaccinated we'll be safe from quarantine even if we get exposed!  I'm grateful for all that we've been able to do recently, but I'm grateful that we now have more opportunities to create safe environments for everyone we teach!

Thank you for all your prayers and everything you've done for me!  I love all of you!

-Hermana Price

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