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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Sister Talia Hansen

Idaho, Pocatello mission


The Idaho, Pocatello mission was not affected very badly by COVID. We definitely had it a lot better than most missions. We were in quarantine for about 2 months and then we were allowed to go out and do service. About a month after that we were allowed to go back into peoples homes! So we were basically back to normal! But while in quarantine we set up zoom lessons and did lots of teaching online as well as Facebook. We made lots of videos and posts for Facebook :). We were even still allowed to hold baptismal services while we were in quarantine so it really did not stop the work!

I know that the Lord cares about all of us on this Earth, so much that He was willing to suffer and die for us! I know that He wouldn’t want the missionary work and the teaching of His gospel to stop! I know that the gospel is the truth and that so much light, joy, and happiness comes from it. It’s been a blessing for me to be able to see that light change peoples lives. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and that we really can do all things through Him because He loves us!

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