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Sister Taylor Allen

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Hello friends and family(:
The past couple weeks have been so so good! I am absolutely loving my time here in Horseheads and the missionaries I get to serve around! This has been one of the happiest times on my mission!! We FINALLY found some people to teach and now are super booked with back to back lessons! Sister Roundy and I have seen amazing miracles this transfer and the work is rolling forward nicely 🤩just within the last 14 days we came across 8 new friends that are soaking up the truths of the gospel! It is incredible to see how God puts the people who are prepared into our path!!

Also I hit 11 months today which blows my mind like WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE??!

Elder Bassett from the Seventy came and did a mission tour this week here! It was a special expirence because the Mission Leadership Council got to have little one on ones with him then all eat lunch together! Not going to lie I was a tad bit intimated but he was the sweetest man! He gave the greatest trainings and shared some solid life advice! He talked to us alot about sacrafice and how it is an opportunity for us to show our gratitude for all that the Savior did! He told us how we all need to lay down the things of the world at the alter and focus our attention on things with eternal significance! I was able to recieve a lot of answers to questions I have had recently as he spoke which was a major blessing.

I want you all to know how much I love you! Your Father in Heaven knows you and loves you! Make the relationship you have with Him your number one pursuit and I promise that is when you will have joy beyond compare! No trial or struggle will matter because you will have eyes that see far past this short time in mortality! Have a solid week and please I'm begging each of you to watch some scary movies for me or go to a haunted corn maze!! Then send me pictures so I can cry about how much I miss them 😂

side note: here is my current address for those who asked -> 228 Roosevelt Ave Apt #2 Horseheads, NY 14845 United States

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