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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Sister Taylor Allen

double the fun in apt 6


As time goes on throughout my mission I have been slowly getting worse at writing these weekly emails but I promise I'll try to be better 😅 but hello everyone!

Crazy that this is the last full week of the transfer but we got some exciting news that we will actually be having two more Sisters move in with us next transfer! The past few days consisted of us going shopping with the senior couple to get more beds, dressers, desks, silverware and anything else they could need! Our apartment is not small but by all means not huge so it will be interesting to see how having 4 missionaries in this one space will be! I am looking forward to it though 🤩 there is gonna be a party at 85 wall street

Last Monday we were able to go with the Elders to the Ausable Chasm which is what everybody here calls 'the grand canyon on the Adirondacks' (the mountain range we live in)! It was real cool then we also were able to drive down to Lake Placid and see where they had the 1930 and 1980 Olympics! New York always just blows me away with the views and I am in awe whenever we get to explore!!

WE PUT OUR FRIEND REBECCA ON DATE WAHOO she is soooo elect. It was really neat to hear how she connected the Book of Mormon being true to the church as a whole! Our friends Jose and Kasey are also on date so the next few weeks are going to be filled with baptisms! Funny story so on Sunday we actually had tons of friends and returning members come that they were really short on bread so they had to do it at the beginning and again at the end after someone ran home to get more! Our mission President actually came to our branch to do interviews with us this week and joined for the church service as well so we were glad he was able to see the progress of our area by a shortage of resources 😂

Here is a little spiritual nugget-> Elder Orson F. Whitney said: “No pain that we suffer and no trial that we experience is wasted. All that we anquish and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable.… It is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire.” I have been thinking a lot about past hardships that I faced and how the different tests we go through in life can be excruciating. Whether it be illness, betrayal, temptations, loss of a loved one, natural disasters, or some other ordeal, affliction is part of our mortal experience. As missionaries we get asked alot why we must face difficult challenges and I know that they are vitally important to the process of recognizing our divine nature. If we handle these afflictions properly they will be consecrated for our gain! Stay strong and push through! God always has great blessings in store 🥰 I love you all

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