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Sister Veyo Bundy

Road trips and Disney princesses



Wow, this week was super eventful. All good things though.

A few fun stories from this week!

-we had another hour and a half long Bible bash! We love when people take up all our finding time so we can't talk to people who might actually be interested in talking to us ♡ we decided that we gave this fam a fair shot and they're just not ready yet. One day though.

-On Wednesday my compie had an appt in.... LA QUINTA!! Soooo. We got to roadtrip down there and I got to see my home. Love that place. Also our roadtrip was a BLAST. We made PB and J sandwiches and played lots of Jesus music and it was a party and a half

-Thursday we had zone conference in Rialto, so I got to see my OTHER old stomping grounds. Lots of good mems. We love the ghetto. ♡

-This weekened we had a giant service project at this big mansion in Redlands. The mansion used to be occupied by nuns, is definitely haunted, and now houses events for little kids. The event was basically like a drive through Disney thing and so there were all these Disney princesses and Jedis and all that fun stuff. Our job was set up and clean up so we didnt get to actually drive through but it was a party working with the zone.

-today we had a zone activity at President and Sister McKinnon's house! I love being with the zone. It's my favorite thing ever. That's all.

-we found a new person to teach and she is so awesome. She's a referral from a member of another ward and she is so prepared. We love her! Pray for her please, her name is Ramona.

On a spiritual note, one thing that's been on my mind this week is the importance of family and of gospel learning in a family unit! I have been so so soo lucky to grow up in a family where we are all members of the church. So many people dont get that. I also re-read the Family Proclamation this morning during my personal study and I had forgotten how good it was. Go read it sometime!

The Family Proclamation

Kk. That's all. Love you.

OH! If you're looking for people to pray for->>

Bryce + fam
Kim + Kyle

+ more if you want em. Also pray that we find families here in Redlands!

Love you all!!

-Sister Bundy

7000 central ave
Highland CA

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