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Hey hey!

If I'm being quite honest, I do not know what to write about this week because I feel like it went by SO fast. As every week does as of late, if I'm being honest.

Here's a quick recap of some highlights this week:

-It was Thanksgiving this week! I hope you all had a fantastic Turkey day and that you all ate lots of pie and stuffing and all that good stuff.

My Thanksgiving was actually really fun. They told us that we couldn't go to members houses this year and I'm not gonna lie, that made me SO sad. Then they told us that we would be having Thanksgiving with a group of Elders and THAT made me a little worried. No disrespect or anything but I would take a hazard guess at most of the elders not having a huge hand in preparing a Thanksgiving dinner in the past and I was not sure how everything would turn out. Apparently I need to have more faith, because they surprised me and did a great job and dinner was actually amazing. Over all it was super fun and I had a good time. 10/10.

-We went on exchanges this week. I was with Hermana Prestwich here in La Quinta (I begged to go to Spanish land, but she said no so I suppose my area is fine) and it was a party. We taught some good lessons and met some fun people. Another 10/10.

-Our ward surprised us by asking us last minute if we could speak in church. Definitely had nothing prepared and I know you're not supposed to wing it on your mission, but when you don't find out until the morning of, you gotta do what you gotta do. The spirit was a nice little helper and we got through it.

Honestly I think that's all I got for you this week but I'll end on a little bit of a spiritual note for all of you who have made it this far:

One thing our mission is emphasizing a LOT currently is Christmas. One thing our mission President told us a while back is that our church, more than any other group of people, OWNS Christmas. We are Christ's church upon the Earth. We have His power, His authority, His prophet, and His word CURRENTLY being revealed to us. We as a church should embody Christmas. And there are so many people who need the spirit of Christ, some have a responsibility to bring it to people. They are waiting to hear it and waiting for the comfort that it's going to bring. SO I would highly encourage all of you to totally jump in headfirst this Christmas season and try to really light the world and bring Christ to those who need Him (which is everyone.)

Anyways. I hope you all have had a great week and are looking forward to a STELLAR Christmas. Love you all!!!


Sister Bundy

7000 Central Ave,

Highland CA


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