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SisterTalia Hansen

What a week
Well we lost sister Lewis so now our 🎶trios down to two🎶
I went to the dentist a couple of times this week cause ya know Cavities... so that was fun...
And we a had a few more doctors appointments. 
But the craziest thing that happened was ZONE CONFERENCE. Which I helped plan because I'm a sister training leader in the zone and they decided this time around the leaders in the zone were going to plan everything for it. So...yeah... 
 it was America themed. I think it was actually pretty good! We gave some trainings about the doctrine of Jesus Christ  (faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) and joy. 
It was really good because during my time to speak everybody spoke up and answered questions! So I didn't need to talk too much haha oh yeah and I also wasn't too great lol but that's fine. Anyways we had tacobell for lunch. Cause ain't nothin more American 😉

We sadly attended a funeral this week. There was a great man in one of our wards that had a heart attack in the middle of the night. Nobody was suspecting it. We actually had talked to him less than 12 hours before it happened... so we felt like it was important for us to be there. It was a really good service and there were so many people there to celebrate him. Made me think a lot about my life and my family and lots of different things. 
But life happens,
We had a really cool experience. This lady called us one day and she was telling us she was in the hospital and she wanted us to pray for her. We talked to her about the priesthood and asked if she might want a priesthood blessing. She said yes please and so we were able to meet at the hospital with a few of the elders and get her a blessing! It was really awesome and she was so appreciative. When she gets out of the hospital we will be meeting with her again! 
Another tender mercy. We reached out to a girl we haven't met yet, but she has seen missionaries in the past. We asked if we could meet her sometime and she actually messaged back and we were able to get a time set up with her! It was great!
We also had a chance to speak in the old folks branch, that means 3 meetings haha. There are 3 different retirement/care centers that are in the branch and each have their own meeting. All the elderly people always come up and thank us for sharing our thoughts and I really like it cause it helps me feel loved. 
Last little funny thing that happened. We went to teach Lil bridger and when we sat down he came in and looked sister Newman deep in the eyes and went "oh wow" in a very breathtaking, amazed tone 😂😂 we just thought it was really funny. We sure love that kid! Ya never know what's going through his mind!
Love yall!
-Sister Hansen 💕

And this is my district!  Elder Pope is the blond in front, and  behind him is Elder Diaz.  The read head in the Middle is Elder  Hollenbeck, and he is our district leader with Elder Diaz.  Behind him  is Elder Rodriguez who is companions with Elder Pope  in the front haha and then me and my comp being cute in the front lol

That's all!  Until next week!



Hermana Price

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