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Sster Talia Hansen

Sushi N steak 👌


What's up folks? Hope all is well and that you had a happy valentine's day! Here's the run down on my week.

We got to go to the temple as a district this week which was really fun! I may or may not have also eaten 3+ rolls of sushi by myself. We also got steak 3 times this week which if you know me you know that steak is my favorite, so it was a pretty dang good week that way haha!



He was a little sick, but cute as ever! We got to tell him a story about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he really ate it up! He is such a funny kid and we love teaching him.


She started right away by asking us questions about what she read in the book of Mormon!! She has been reading like crazy. She was also excited because she finally got her large print bible haha


Holy cow Christine it's amazing she hasn't smoked in a whole week! She says she's ready for the next step and asked us if she's ready for baptism! We are stoked! She is doing so well. She said she had 1 cigarette the whole week and it was nasty nasty so she doesn't even know why she did it. She really has such a strong connection with her faith in heavenly Father and it's amazing to see how much she relies on him in her everyday life.


The boys were as rowdy as ever, but they brought a long a friend this time. Her name is cat and she wants to take the lessons and be baptized! So we said yes of course! We like her a lot she keeps the boys in check.


We were able to talk about temples and why they are important! We set up a day to go up to the Idaho Falls temple and he was super excited and so are we!


We talked about the word of wisdom with Bridger and found out how much he dislikes broccoli 😂😂

Been a pretty good week! But like a man outside the hospital once said "bad days are for Californians and New Yorkers!"

Love yall

-Sister Hansen 💕

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