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Standards Night

Nearly three hundred young people and leaders recently met for a Standards Night presented by the Youth Council of the Mesquite Nevada Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The youth were divided into three groups according to their age and met in three different church buildings in the valley. The 12 and 13 years old were taught by Ryan and Kenna Toone about Social Communication, the 14 and 15 years old were instructed by Jeff and Jodi Hughes on how to detect "Counterfeit" truths, and the 16 and 17 yes old were challenged by Travis and Richelle Wakefield to do temple work. At the end of the evening a dinner was served to each group giving them the opportunity to practice their communication skills. Thirteen year old attendee, Jaylee Whipple said "It was an excellent experience to remind the youth that having good standards will influence those around us and help shape the next generation." Seventeen year old Josie Garlick said "I was able to see other kids like me are trying to learn the best thing for us to do at this time of our lives."

Some of the 12 & 13 years old: Stetson Ludvigson, Aden Woods, Braden Bingham, Nikita Eskelsen, Jeremy Perkins, Trey Houston, Koden Tietjen, Ethan Leavitt, Stevie Fuqua, Bella Sonneberg, Meb Hollingshead

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