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Eagle Alex Beaumont

Alex Beaumont received his Eagle Scout Award at a ceremony on March 14, 2015. He is a member of Venture Crew 2488 sponsored by the Mesquite 3rd Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His project was building steps that can be used on the gym floor to access the stage that is used for programs. He earned 26 merit badges; 21 are required. He is the son of Julie and Bryan Beaumont and is a senior at Virgin Valley High School. After graduation he plans to attend diesel mechanic school in Phoenix. Neil Shumway, his uncle, said, “It takes dedication and commitment to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. These skills that you have learned will help you throughout your life. You now have a responsibility to help others reach their goals. There are a lot of challenges for a young scout going on his first camp-outs, but I challenge you to go forth and serve and help your fellow scouts. An Eagle Scout is a friend, a scholar, a shoulder to lean on and an example of all that is best in humanity." Seth Saterfield gave Alex the Eagle Charge and said, "Look to the future opportunities to give service to others. The leadership and character traits that you have learned in scouting will stand you well in the future. You will now have an instant bond with other Eagles you meet for you know that you can trust them." Alex presented his scoutmaster, Charlie Lee, with the mentor pin for helping him. Charlie Lee said that it was Alex that pushed himself and came to Charlie with a desire to advance to the rank of Eagle Scout. Charlie said, "It was my pleasure to help Alex on the trail." Charlie also recognized Kameron Mickelson and Jon Meierhoff for helping Alex on the path. Chris Shumway, an uncle, was Alex's escort to the Eagle's nest. Mark Tichenor, representing the Snow Canyon District BSA, congratulated Alex and presented him with an engraved pocket knife with the words, "Eagle Scout."

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