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Eagle Scout Abe Alejos

Abe Alejos received is Eagle Scout Award at a court of honor. He is a member of Troop 2341 sponsored by the Bunkerville 2nd Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His project was building an addition to the announcer’s booth at Virgin Valley High School. He is a senior at Virgin Valley High School and a member of the wrestling team. He is son of David and Jody Alejos.

Brian Haviland, district chairman of Virgin River Valley BSA, formed the Eagle’s nest by inviting all in the audience that have attained the rank of Eagle to come forward and sit together.

Doug Waite, his grandfather, said it was a great honor for him to give Abe the Eagle charge. “You have worked hard on the long trail to Eagle Scout earning rank advancements and merit badges. You have gained may skills and learned many things that you can now use in the service of others. I charge you to dedicate your heart and hands for doing good in the world -to help and serve those around you and pay special attention to those who need your help the most. I charge you to take your citizenship with great dedication and be a leader and lead only toward the best. Build America on the solid foundations of clean living, honest work, unselfish citizenship and reverence for God. I charge you to keep our self physically strong, mentally and intellectually sharp, and morally straight that you will always be prepared to help others and be an effective instrument in the hands of God. “Waite had Abe repeat the Scout Oath to reaffirm his allegiance to it and the obligation and responsibilities that come with the rank of Eagle Scout.

Jody, his mother, pinned the Eagle emblem and ribbon on Abe’s uniform and Abe presented pins to his parents for their help along the trail to Eagle. Abe presented his mentor pin to his father for being a good example and helping him complete his project. Haviland presented Abe with a pocket knife engraved with ‘Eagle Scout’ as a remembrance of all he has accomplished.

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