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Mesquite NV Stake Cookbook

Kris Bingham and Carol Leavitt have been asked to head a project of gathering Recipes for a Stake Cook Book.

A book of family favorite recipes. It will be a form of family history that we get to share with everyone in the stake and not just our families. We would like to have as many family favorite recipes as possible. We are asking for up to 4 recipes per person. If we get to where we feel we don't have enough we can up that number but for now we will ask no more than 4 per person.

To submit your recipes go to and login: User Name: Gathering Recipes Password: granola124

You'll be asked for your name and email address and you'll receive a template to enter your recipe. When it asks for additional contributors, you can give credit to the person you got the recipe from. On the second additional contributors spot please state your ward. The deadline we have been given is December 31 .

Thank you for participating!

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