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Cub Scout Super Hero Day Camp

The annual Cub Scout Day Camp was held April 15-18, 2015 for Packs 2042, 2040, 2082, 2448, 2493, 2596, 2640, 2041, 2341, 29998 sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Pack 8 sponsored by the Mesquite Resort Association. There were 125 Scouts ages 8-10 who are Wolves/Tigers, Bears, and Webelos that participated in classes each afternoon. They were able to do archery and BB gun shooting at the Heritage Park. They learned to tie knots, build bird feeders, and make tool boxes. They learned to make no-bake cookies and make trail mix in cooking class. They learned about science and geology, made instruments and had a band. There were classes on wildlife, nature and map reading. The Bears did traffic safety with Officer Van Houten and got to drive “cars.” They had a class on what makes America great and flag etiquette. Each afternoon the cub scouts were treated to a meal in a room decorated to look like Gotham City with a silhouette of “lighted skyscrapers. “ All of the scouts were given super hero capes to wear – Batman, Captain America, spider Man, and Superman capes. The theme was Super Heroes and six super heroes came to help. They were Superman, Flash, Ironman, Batman , the Hulk and Captain America. The scouts had to help the super heroes earn merit badges representing the values of scouting. The closing night the six heroes came again and overpowered the villains to find the Eagle and return it to the museum of scouting memorabilia. The hall was decorated like a museum with Cub Scout and Boy Scout uniforms and plaques. The walls were lined with pictures of famous Eagle Scouts – Neal Armstrong, Thomas S. Monson. There was a picture of Arthur Elred, who in 1912 was the first Eagle Scout in the USA, Bert Leavitt, the first Eagle Scout from Virgin Valley in 1940, and many pictures of Eagle Scouts from our District, several of whom now have cub scouts participating in the day camp. The cub scouts were introduced to real super heroes - Eagle Scouts, police officers, firefighters and those who serve in the military. These real super heroes were introduced - Officer Chris Rowley, an Eagle Scout, and Lawrence Stewart, Life Scout, Fireman, Ryan Thornton, Randy Ence, 30 year veteran of US Army, and two new Eagle Scouts, Alex Beaumont and Joshua Abbott. Ethan Mendahall’s family was given an honorary arrow of light award presented by Akela, Kelton Chamberlain. Jason Cox was honored for his service to Pack 8. They were both superheroes and great scouters. Krissy Thornton organized the activities. Nikki Thornton, Melinda Abbott, Leora Hillus, Kenda, Tiffinee, and Whitnee Heath, were on the committee. Val and Carol Woods did the great decorations. Many thanks to all the leaders and those who taught classes. Thank you to the boy scouts who came and helped. If you are interested in participating in scouting and want information, call Roger at the Scout Store on Willow 406-579-6588

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