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Eagle Kade Roger Haviland

Kade Roger Haviland’s Eagle Project was accomplished by replacing the rusted benches at the Bunkerville Park and putting in a concrete pad and new tables. He is a member of Varsity Team 341 that is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Kade said "I earned 27 merit badges.My favorite merit badge was Wilderness Survival, because it was a really fun class. It was fun camping out for a night and learning how to survive and how make contact with people if you ever got lost." He is in 8th grade at Hughes Middle School where he’s the National Junior Honor Society President. He is the son of Brian and Joy Haviland.

"While watching a football game on TV once, the announcers were making a big deal about one of the players being an Eagle Scout. I thought that was pretty cool. After seeing my older brother earn his Eagle, it made me want to get mine too," Kade beamed. Congratulations Kade!

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