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Eagle Dacen Cox

Eagle Scout Dacen Cox a member of Venture Crew 2640 sponsored by the Mesquite 6th Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints received his Eagle Scout Award at a ceremony on Saturday, June 6, 2015. He identified veteran's graves in the Mesquite City Cemetery and placed flag holders near the headstone so that American flags could be posted there on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. He is the son of Ronya and Kurt Cox. He graduated from Virgin Valley High School this year. He has been called to serve a 2 year mission for the LDS Church in the Independence Missouri Mission in September. Merlin Hafen gave Dacen the Eagle Charge and asked him to "reaffirm his allegiance to the three points of the Scout Oath and Law." Dacen repeated the words, "I thoughtfully accept this obligation and responsibility of an Eagle Scout and promise to do my best to assist others in climbing the trail to Eagle; to build America on a solid foundation of clean living, honest citizenship and reverence to God. I promise to work for better citizenship, service to my family, community, country and contacts with other people." Merlin said, "This is not the end of the trail but the beginning; now you can go forth using the skills and knowledge you have learned to serve others." Don Penrod spoke about the meaning of being an Eagle Scout. He said, "You have just participated in the high school commencement and that is really a new beginning. Achieving the rank of Eagle is a commencement now to go forward and use the skills you have learned to help others. It is an incredible sight to see the Eagle soar, there is a message in watching an Eagle!" Don asked Dacen to now give back to others what he has learned. Bishop Kevin Jensen said, "It is a privilege to see these boys grow and do great accomplishments. Dacen is a great example. Scouting give boys opportunities to grow to become men of honor. Don't underestimate your duty and responsibility to study and be involved in affairs of our government. If we as a nation become complacent in our duties of voting and searching out wise and honest candidates to serve, we will lose our freedoms. " Keith Belnap, a member of the Virgin River Valley BSA, presented Dacen with an engraved pocket knife as a remembrance of his earning the rank of Eagle Scout. Dacen presented his mentor pins to Merlin for helping him with his project and to his parents for helping him with his paper work and encouragement.

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