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Eagle Brayton Tobler

Brayton Tobler received his Eagle Scout Award at a Court of Honor. Brayton is a member of Venture Crew 2493 sponsored by the Mesquite 4th Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He organized a Gala for Gifts Community Benefit Concert to benefit Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. Members of the community and the Virgin Valley High School’s music department shared their talents and the attendees donated needed items. The donations exceeded more than $1000 in merchandise and nearly doubled the toys and items in the supply room at the hospital.

Brayton is a junior at Virgin Valley High School where he is a member of the show choir, cross county team and the track team. He is the son of Brad and Stephanie Tobler of Mesquite.

On August 22nd, Scoutmaster Brent Hughes spoke and recited the Scout Prayer. He said, “Brayton, you have shown responsible character as a Patrol Leader and I would like to present you with a hand carved deer antler knife that I made.”

Ben Rebman, youth leader and an Eagle Scout, said, “Brayton, I charge you to be Honest, Kind and Courageous in all your actions as you go forward in your life.”

His father, Brad Tobler, presented the Eagle ribbon and pin and changed Brayton’s neckerchief from Boy Scout to the blue Eagle Scout neckerchief. Brayton presented his mother with a pin in gratitude for all she has done to help him through the ranks of scouting.

Brayton’s parents said, “It’s been our privilege to watch and support his efforts in achieving all the necessary goals required for the rank of Eagle Scout. He has always enjoyed scouting, even as a cub scout, he excelled and delighted in the program. We’ve noticed he’s a better person as he’s participated in scouting. He’s learned many useful lessons and made lifelong friends. Coming up with an Eagle project took some time and careful thought. Brayton is one who has much to offer through his talents and his ability to uplift others. His project met him with a few obstacles, but through patience and perseverance he succeeded. We are very proud of his accomplishments and have always encouraged scouting in our home.”

Brayton received a letter from Primary Children's Hospital's Foundation Director, Sharon Goodrich who wrote, "Please know that your gift of toys and craft items delighted patients at Primary Children's Hospital. With your support, we are able to further the hospital's philosophy, "The Child First and Always". On behalf of the children and families we are privileged to serve, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your kindness."

Brayton said, “I am grateful to be able to benefit the children at the hospital and I feel uplifted to have the community's support in my Eagle Project.”

Brayton presented the Mentor pin to his grandfather, Eric Norried, who always encouraged and supported Brayton to complete his Eagle Rank Advancement. He said, “I would like to present you with this hand carved 6” eagle walking stave that I had saved for the last 30 years to pass on to you to remind you to continue to uphold the scout oath and law.”

Mark Tichenor, Virgin River Valley BSA Chairman, said, “Brayton, I would like to present this pocketknife engraved with the words, “Eagle Scout” to help you remember this advancement and the Eagle Scout Charge.”

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