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  • Dena Hoff

24th of July Ice Cream Social

The Mesquite Stake celebrated the 24th of July by reminiscing the struggles and accomplishments of the Virgin Valley's pioneers. Ice cream was served to help cool the crowd in the 108 degree weather. Spanish Branch President David Leavitt talked about how fortunate this valley is to be able to turn on the faucet and get clean cool water. He talked about some of his ancestors who help dig the ditches in Bunkerville that continue to bring water from the river even to this day. Surviving the pioneer life was hard and involved backbreaking work. Derrick Hafen entertained all with his cowboy poetry and President David Anderson spoke about strengthening our families. President Anderson told us how our battles are different than the pioneers. The battles the pioneers fought were physical, while this generation's battles will be fought to preserve and increase their spiritual well-being. There were water games for the kids, and a demonstration using only rubber bands to cut a watermelon. The Saints enjoyed visiting and sharing spiritually uplifting stories, despite the heat.

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