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Local Teens Help Break World Record

Nearly 200 youth and their leaders from Virgin Valley recently attended an event at Dixie State University where they joined thousands of others to use technology to upload 18,564 records that they had discovered, uncovered and shared from their own family histories. These young people from the ages of 14 thru 18 came to learn, be entertained and eat great food. The event was open to teens of all faiths and was attended by youth from 29 stakes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the region.

The event, called KINnect YOU, was put on by youth and their leaders with community partners and national donors.

To prepare, the kids had been using their cell phones to photograph documents and images that their families wanted to save. Using the Family Search Memories app, they were able upload these records to be gathered and shared. Also, importantly 12,112 images were identified and tagged, meaning names were put to faces.

One local teen (Matt B.) said “What a great way to get Family History across to us young people—by letting us enjoy the day with friends, music, fun and food. I hope this will be a yearly event.”

Another, (Margaret H.) especially liked the speaker Hank Smith because “he related family history to modern times and in a humorous way.” She also added “Can I say the food was 10 out of 10. It was great!” (All were served Chik-Fil-A.)

Attendees could choose from 13 classes, they heard inspirational talks by popular speakers like Sam Payne and John Hilton III and a key note address by Elder Steven E. Snow. A favorite entertainer was James the Mormon, a young artist who is becoming increasing known for his clean Rap style music.

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