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Cub Scout Day Camp

Cub Scout Day Camp was held for Tiger Cubs, Wolves, Bears and Webelos from 11 Units of cub scouts on Friday and Saturday. There were 127 cub scouts ages 7-10 who attend the camp sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The theme for the camp was “Top Secret Service Agent”. Each of the dens did activities to complete requirements for their awards. All of the cub scouts received T-shirts with the theme printed on the front. Cub scouts from the three dens were able to do archery and B-B shooting at the Heritage Park where targets were set up and supervised by leaders.

The Tiger Cubs, age 7, visited the Virgin Valley Museum and had an art lesson at the Art Gallery. The Wolves, age 8, made paper airplanes and musical instruments with simple materials. “Running with the pack” included skate boards and other physical activity games. At the “howling at the moon” activity they practiced skits that they performed later in the day.

The Bears, age 9, had a forensic class with the police and did their fingerprints. The police gave a demonstration of how the K-9 dog helps and they watched the police fly their drone. The scouts learned how to use tools including screw drivers and learned the safe use of pocket knives by carving soap. They learned to set up tents and to tie various knots. For “paws in action” they did a service project by cleaning all the toys in the church nursery.

The Webelos (we be loyal scouts), age 10, went on a 4-mile hike on Friday afternoon to complete their requirements. They started out at the LDS church and hiked to Hafen Park and went north to Desert Rose Park on Old Mill and then they returned to the church where they fixed their own hoagie sandwiches with fruit and veggies. They were also able to make their own first aid kits. On Saturday, they went to a first- responder class and learned how to perform CPR and other first aid skills. For their “into the woods” activity, they learned about plants, trees and seed starting by planting some palm tree seeds. The Webelos completed their Sportsman requirement by playing dodge ball games in the gym.

The scouts had to decipher the code book they were given to find their site for lunch. At the end of the camp, the scouts did skits and played the musical instruments they had made earlier in the day. Many thanks to Gina Zarate, Christine Sawyer and the committee that planned and supervised the activities of the cub scouts.

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