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Summer Scouting

Boy Scouts from Virgin River Valley District have been on many exciting adventures this summer at camping and hiking. Twenty-One Varsity and Venture age scouts from Units 42, 488, 493, 596 and 498 sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints went on a 50-mile hike in the high Unitas for six days. Six leaders accompanied them. Their hike began at Grandview Trail head and they hiked to Rocky Sea Pass, Rock Creek Basin, Squaw Basin and Brown Dutch Basin before leaving the trail at Moon Lake. They went fishing at Rock Creek and had trout for supper. Their hike took them to elevation between 10,00 to 11,000 feet. They hiked 4 miles the first day and 10-12 miles on the succeeding day for a total of about 56 miles. They had planned and prepared by taking 3 pre-hikes, camping overnight and hiking 4 miles each trip in April and May. They had to carry packs with all their own gear and food which weighed about 50 lbs. and pack out any containers leaving no trace. They each received a 50-miler patch to wear on their uniform.

Scouts from Bunkerville Unit #341 sponsored by the LDS church went to Beaver for 4 days of camping, biking and hiking. They also did rappelling, canoeing, and climbing. The scouts working on cooking merit badge took turns fixing a meal. Varsity and Venture scouts took their bikes on Monday and went cycling. Several scouts said the best fun was cliff jumping into the lake. Other scouts worked on fishing merit badge, rifle merit badge and had a horseshoe tournament.

Troop 640 with 3 scouts went to Maple Dell located in Payson Canyon where they went on zip lines, swim races and iron man races. Iron man had teams of 3-4 scouts, one would swim, the next run around the lake to the canoes and tag the next scouts who would race a canoe using their hands to row around a buoy in the lake. Hyrum Baker placed 6th in the swim races, racing against all the scouts at camp. They had fun on the ziplines and worked on merit badges.

Scouts from Troops 82, 493, 998 and 596 went to camp at Tife near Mt. Pleasant for a week, working on merit badges such as swimming, life-saving, rifle, archery, leatherwork astronomy, and wilderness survival. They had fun with a soft sword fight.

Varsity and Venture scouts from 2640 went to Moab and went white water rafting on the Colorado, mountain biking on the slick rock and hiking.

Thank you to all the wonderful leaders!

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