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Food Drive

Scouting For Food Drive to benefit the Salvation Army and Beaver Dam Food Banks will begin Wednesday, November 15 with the Cub Scouts passing out yellow bags to homes in Virgin Valley. Boy Scouts will pick the bags up Saturday ,November 18 starting at 10:00 am. Please fill your bag with non-perishable items and check the date to make sure it is not expired. They cannot accept outdated items. Place the bag on your front porch or front of the house so it can easily be seen for the scouts to pick up. Scouts will also be at Smith's on Friday evening and Saturday morning to take your canned food donations. If you miss them, you may take your yellow bag to the Salvation Army in the Brickyard Plaza. The girls scouts will weigh the food, sort and stack it on the shelves. Thank you for your food donations as it will carry the food banks through March.

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