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Eagle Adam Teschner

Adam Teschner, a member of Venture Crew 2640 sponsored by the Mesquite 6th Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, received his Eagle Scout Award at a court of honor on November 29. His Eagle Project was planting trees at Warm Spring Nature Preserve for the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Adam, a senior at Virgin Valley High School, is a member of the tennis team, orchestra, show choir and theater group. He is the son of David and Becky Teschner.

Trail to Eagle was given by Kameron Cox, member of Venture Crew. He reminded Adam of the meaning of the badges and that “service to God, community and country is still needed. The Eagle badge is not the end of the trail or the beginning of another; it is a continuing journey of being trustworthy and looking for ways to be of service.

Ron Crossman, scoutmaster, said all of Adam’s efforts have culminated today in his earning the rank of Eagle Scout. “He has demonstrated constructive and worthwhile skills and his character is one of integrity and honor, living the scout oath and law. He was the first one there each morning and evening when it was time to put up the flags or take them down on holidays. Adam is a great representative of the troop and an example to the other scouts. In giving Adam the Eagle Charge, he challenged him to live with honor, to accept the obligation and responsibility to give service to his community and country. There is a solemn obligation to God and country to lift up every task you do to the highest ideals and dedicate you heart, hands and skills to better living, honest work and reverence for God. The brotherhood of the eagle scouts is one of honor and service.” Adam then repeated the Eagle Scout Challenge closing with, “I reaffirm my allegiance to the promises of the Scout Oath and to this I pledge my sacred honor.”

Travis Allen, his scout leader, presented Adam with a certificate and Eagle Badge. Adam presented pins to his parents in gratitude for their help in achieving this rank. Adam thanked Allen for helping him with his project and presented him with a mentor pin. Mark Tichenor, District Chairman of Virgin Valley BSA, presented Adam with a pocket knife engraved with Eagle Scout as a reminder of his achievement.

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