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Pine Wood Derby Day

Bunkerville 1st Ward

2nd Place

Krae Grriffiths

1st Place

Quade Griffiths

3rd Place

Austin Macias

4th Ward


1st Jack Kelly

2nd Jax Woods

3rd Adler Shaner


1st Tray Hughes (not pictured)

2nd Will Reed


1st Jack Kelly

2nd Tray Hughes (not pictured)

3rd Riley Woods


1st Riley Woods

2nd Ammon Shaner

1st in Bears and 2nd overall

Tray Hughes

3rd Ward

3rd Ashton Thorton

2nd Brandon Perkins

1st McKay Mulitalo

7th Ward Pack 2596

Candy bar "derby" treats

Max Hughes, Connor Aughney, Dane Macias,

Jaidon Turner, Cooper Harris, Dillion Boger,

Zac Taylor and Charlie Davis

Mesquite 1st

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