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Mesquite Nevada Stake 2018 Seminary Graduation

Sunday, May 20 the Mesquite Nevada Stake Seminary Graduation was held at the Stake Center in Mesquite. Forty nine seminary students received their diplomas which represented completion of four years of seminary. Stake President David Anderson presided and was a speaker along with Seminary Principal Nathan Porter. Stake seminary teachers are Janet Dodendier, Darrell Garlick, Ty Wakefield and Jamie Wakefield.

The seminary graduates are:

Bunkerville 1st Ward

Jessica Barnum Kinlee Clark Rachel Fails Nathaniel Hulet

Hayden Johnson Lauren Leavitt Taylor Waite

Bunkerville 2nd Ward

Joshua Abbott Amelia Alejos Trevor Anderson Brogan Bingham Alyson Cook Rachel Cook

Ashlee Faught Logan Felix Dillan Fuqua Jacquelyn Hughes Emily Teerlink

Littlefield Ward

Danielle Garlick

Mesquite 1st Ward

Johnathan Atkinson Calee Clem Jaiden Juan Madelin Mitchell

Mesquite 2nd Ward

Savannah Price

Mesquite 3rd Ward

Timothy Maui’a Kaci Mickelson Maurice Jayden Perkins

Mesquite 4th Ward

Hakan Cade Anderson Nathanael Cannon Megan Hafen Burgundy Hall Talia Hansen Sarah Rappleye

Mesquite 5th Ward

Kari Wakefield

Mesquite 6th Ward

Jamie Bundy Kameron Cox Logan Humphries Nathan Reber Adam Teschner

Mesquite7th Ward

Jacklyn Gomez Kallie Graves Markell Ludvigson Keaton Ogden Dallan Tanner Kylee Tobler

Cecilia Wahl

Virgin Valley Spanish Branch

Eduardo Ponce Roberto Tut

Virgin Valley YSA Branch

Taylor Barnum

The seniors not included in the photo are:

Johnathan Atkinson, Ashlee Faught, Danielle Garlick,

Burgundy Hall, Nathan Hulet, Logan Humphries, Dallan Tanner, and Emily Teerlink.

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