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Arrow of Light

An Arrow of Light ceremony was held for Webelos in Pack 2488 and 2998 sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Duane Thurston, representing Akela, presented each scout with a handmade arrow after they crossed the bridge to Boy Scouting. The Arrow of Light is the only cub scout badge that can be worn on their boy scout uniform. Cub scouts must be able to repeat from memory the scout oath and law, motto and slogan and tell how they use these in their life. They must be able to tie a square knot and go on an overnight campout or a day hike. Boys have to earn activity badges in citizen, fitness, readyman and outdoorsman. They must also talk with their parents about honesty of character and what it means to keep a promise and be trustworthy.

Brandon Perkins, Joshua Matthews, Bryton Hill, Duane Thurston, Dagen Memmott, and Mark Davis

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