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Meeting Times and Chapels

The Stake Center-

M1 at 8 am Bishop Gilbert Felshaw

M7 at 9:30 am Bishop Yori Ludvigson

M4 at 11:00 am Bishop John Noel

M8 at 12:30 pm Branch President John Burrows

Bunkerville Chapel-

Spanish Branch at 9 am Branch President Josue Cuauhtemoc Aguilera

Bunkerville 1st at 10:30 am Bishop Vern Pollock

Bunkerville 2nd at 12 pm Bishop Jared Hollingshead

Whipple Chapel-

Mesquite 3rd at 9 am Bishop Tim Barnard

Mesquite 6th at 10:30 am Bishop Richard Jensen

Mesquite 5th at 12 pm Bishop Travis Wakefield

Littlefield Chapel-

Littlefield at 9 am Bishop Darrell Garlick

Mesquite 2nd at 11 am Bishop John Robison

Institute Building-

Young Single Adult at 9 am Branch President Jerry Martinsen

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