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  • Beth King

Littlefield Cub Scouts Cubinapolis

What a great turnout for our Cubinapolis! I love this activity and I think the Cubs and families enjoy it too. We had all of our Cub Scots there! The supplemental theme this month was The Great Race. And that’s what we did. First the Cub Scouts raced, then we had siblings and then Cubs and siblings. Each Cub Scout and leader received a “sweet” ride in appreciation of their participation and support. Plus, every child in attendance received a matchbox type car. For refreshments, of course we had spare tires! (Chocolate iced donuts). We did have a tire blowout, or come off, a one car wreck, and a few dents and scuffs, but no one was injured! Thanks Cub Scouts, families, leaders, and everyone in attendance!

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