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Sister Jackie Korsgaard

Sister Jackie Korsgaard

(VROC 4) Missionary

Virtual Remote Operations Center (VROC)


US Pacific Daylight Time/D​

VROC missionaries are assigned to Family Search Headquarters who generate priority lists daily for our teams to complete. We only work on these specific projects which are not available to the general public.

Each day we receive our lists sorted into priories from High too low. We are to spend 60% of our time on the High priority list, medium projects get 25% and low projects get 15% of our daily time. The team I am assigned to has workers all over the United States and Canada. Each week we are trained in different types of projects, as well as reviewing projects that we might have had issues with. We work with incredibly knowledgeable people, however, I also learn from members who work daily on Family Search projects.

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