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Eagle Jeremy Perkins

Jeremy Perkins received his Eagle Scout Award at a Court of Honor for Troop 2488 sponsored by the Mesquite 3rd Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Jeremy’s eagle project was replacing the sign at Hughes Middle School which was worn and faded. He said his favorite merit badges were wilderness survival, cooking and camping at Box Canyon, Mapledale and Kolob. Jeremy said, “All of these taught me about teamwork. “He is a senior at Virgin Valley High School where he is a member of the football, basketball and track teams. He was also involved in theater. He is the son of Christy and Maurice Perkins.

Jayson Andrus spoke about three important ways that the scouting program can help young men. He said, “Earning the Eagle Rank does not mean you have arrived, it means that you, Jeremy, need to continue on the path of service. Live your life with passion. You have been camping, rappelling, kayaking and completed other merit badges – now find areas that interest you and nourish the passion. Don’t settle for small things in your life but continue to grow and learn. The third is to remember God and His role in your life. Scouting is about reverence for God and expressing gratitude; let God become a quiet influence for transformation in your life.”

Richard Rushton gave Jeremy the Eagle Charge saying, “Becoming an Eagle Scout qualifies you to enter a fellowship of those who have pledged themselves to the service of others. I charge you to fulfill this special responsibility of service to your family, your church and community and nation. Strive to keep all the covenants that you have made and will make with God. Do your duty to your country with the loyalty and courage that you were taught as a scout Be loyal to the principles of freedom, democracy, civility, tolerance and the rule of law. Be brave and stand up for these principles. Use the skills and the knowledge that you have gained to help other people at all times and continue to do a good turn daily. Keep yourself physically strong, mentally and intellectually sharp and morally upright that you may always be prepared to help others and be an effective instrument in the hands of God. “

Ryan Toone, Eagle board chairman, said, “You have followed through and accomplished hard things and when tough times come you can look back and say to yourself – “I completed my eagle and I can do hard things now!” Toone made the presentation of the eagle award. Jeremy presented pins to his parents and told of his great appreciation for their help in completing his project and his paperwork. Jeremy presented his mentor pin to his father. He thanked his leaders for their amazing influence on him, “I know the value of service from my leaders because they taught me how to apply the lessons of the scout law.”

Brian Haviland, district chairman of the Virgin River Valley BSA, formed the Eagle’s nest by inviting all those in attendance to come forward and sit together. He also presented Jeremy with a pocket knife engraved with ‘Eagle Scout’ as a reminder of his great accomplishment.

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