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Elder Logan Felix

Elder Logan Anderson Felix

Mission: Peru Lima South 2018-2020

Now the missionaries there are working hard to find and teach people using Facebook.

Elder Felix Testimony:

On my mission I learned a lot of things like; the gift of tongues is real, or the Lord knows exactly where we are and where we will be, and how to teach about the restoration of Christ’s church. But the singular most important and impactful thing I learned in my mission is the love and desire to help the Lord has for his children. I saw countless examples of this love. I felt it for His children in Peru, in church, talking with them on the street, and even riding the bus. I know without a doubt that the love of the Lord for His children is real that he sends every possible opportunity for us to repent daily and return to Him. One of the ways I’ve come to know this is the Book of Mormon. I know what is written in the Book of Mormon is from God and that it testifies of His living son Jesus Christ. There are many other ways like this that help to know that my Heavenly Father loves me and His other children, the greatest of them all is that He sent His only Begotten Son to atone and die for us. I know this to be true along with knowing that this is the true and living Church of Jesus Christ. I am extremely grateful I was sent to the wonderful country of Peru to teach and testify of this. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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