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Camp Zion Information

Youth (turning 16 in 2021 - 18) and leaders are invited to attend Camp Zion—the Mesquite Nevada Stake Young Men & Young Women Conference—June 9-12, 2021 at Camp Kolob.

Our theme is Hope of Israel.

Camp Zion is a chance for young women and young men to develop greater spiritual power and prepare for adulthood in a beautiful mountain setting. Our goal is to help each youth in attendance to better understand and prepare for the sacred temple covenants they have the privilege to make.

Please note these important dates:

· Sunday, May 30: Parent letter and 2 Permission and Medical Release Forms due to ward YW President/Bishop.

· Wednesday, June 9: Youth and leaders arrive at the Stake Center at 7:00 am with sack lunch.

· Saturday, June 12: Youth will eat breakfast and then travel back home.

· Sunday, June 27: Camp Zion Devotional. Youth of all ages, leaders, and the parents of youth who attended Camp Zion are invited to attend. Stake Center at 6:00 pm. Sunday Dress.

PARENTS please have your letters to your youth and 2 completed Permission and Medical Release Forms (found at Permission and Medical Release Form) turned in to your Young Women President or Bishop no later than May 30th. Each parent is invited to write a letter to their child. This could include your feelings about their divine nature, your gratitude and appreciation for them, your testimony, your feelings about sacred covenants, and/or your love for them and hope for their future. Place the letter in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s name. This is usually a “surprise” and therefore we recommend not discussing it with your child prior to camp.

It is our hope that as many as are eligible will attend. Because Camp Zion is only held every other year, some youth will only have one opportunity to go. Please encourage the young women and young men of your ward to make this event a priority.


Stake YM Presidency: Shane Hughes, Benjamin Leavitt, Jed Vellinga, and Seth Saterfield.

Stake YW Presidency: Kristine Bingham, Paige Anderson, Jennifer Woods, and Tiffany Porter.

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