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Girls Camp 2021

Girls camp 2021 was a success. Our theme this year was Line upon line small and simple things lead to a great work. We had 140 young women and about 50 adult women leaders and wonderful priesthood leaders who all did their part in making this years girls camp a successful one. We met together for opening and closing each day where we would sing, pray and either raise or lower the flag. There were activities provided as options for the wards to bring their young women to during the day. There were some spiritual rotations that all of the young women got to participate in. The wards got the majority of the day to spend with their young women how they felt necessary, to bond, build testimonies, sing, serve,do physical activities, play games or make crafts. It was fun to go around to different camp sites and see the different things taking place. One ward made homemade jelly, another

made their own miniature golf course (we tried and were not par for the course). Other wards were found singing and others painting, another making bracelets, and another dancing. One ward was even celebrating Christmas in July. No matter what Ward we visited we felt the spirit of camp within their camp. We were there for only 2 1/2 days and yet I feel like we all came back a little better and a little closer to the Lord than before we left.

Our stake camp director this year was Malia McOmie, a young woman from the Mesquite 2nd ward. She did an amazing job!

From Stake YW President Kris Bingham

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