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Mesquite Nevada Stake Fasting Request

Fasting is a commandment from the Lord where we humble ourselves before Him by voluntarily refraining from eating and drinking.

In the Church today, one Sabbath day each month is set aside for the purpose of fasting. Members of the Church go without food and water for two consecutive meals in a 24-hour period and then contribute the money that would have been spent for that food to those in need.

For the Israelites, fasting was often used for certain occasions or for divine assistance. In New Testament times, Jesus Christ fasted 40 days and 40 nights in preparation for His ministry. He taught His disciples about the power and importance of fasting. This commandment to fast continues in our day.

Our brothers and sisters in Utah and stakes in southern Nevada have ask us to join them in fasting for divine assistance in bringing rain in our dry climate. We ask that as you fast - you remember and ask the Lord to bless our lands with needed moisture.

Your brothers in the gospel,

Mesquite Nevada Stake Presidency

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