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The Mesquite Nevada Stake held a Women’s Conference on Saturday, April 23rd, that was all perfectly planned to the last detail, very well advertised with fantastic artwork, beautiful invitations handed out with a booklet written by the guest speaker, awesome guest speaker, creatively decorated, excellent food committee, by the Stake Relief Society Presidency. Saying all of that, I will admit that I didn’t want to go! Wow, though, I am very glad that I did!

All the curtains between the cultural hall and chapel were pulled given it a real open feeling. The place where the food was put was very attractively decorated and displayed. I was pleasantly surprised with the creative, clever way that the Food Committee – Shannon Hughes and Sheree Gleave presented the advertised light breakfast. They had paper lunch boxes that had the same great picture as the invitations with the theme, “I Am Why He Came”, on them. Inside was a dream breakfast – cinnamon rolls, yogurt, and a medley of fruit. When you picked up the box you also had your choice of drink.

There were no tables set up so you could take your boxes and eat wherever you wanted on chairs. There were groups congregated in different areas of the cultural hall talking, laughing, and eating. It was very relaxing, lighthearted, and fun!

When it came time for the guest speaker, Ganel-Lyn Condie, to speak, the sisters moved forward to the chapel and overflow areas. Emily Gleave beautifully sang the theme song. Sister Condie was the biggest surprise to me! Instead of being depressing, she was very funny with a great sense of humor! She talked about things that are sometimes hard to talk about, but in a way that didn’t seem awkward or unnatural. I was so immersed and engaged in her talk and feeling the spirit that I was disappointed when it ended!

Thanks to the Stake Relief Society and their committees for an excellent, uplifting way to spend a Saturday morning. It has been over a month ago since the Women’s Conference, but the effects linger on. Here are some sisters in our stake comments:

Mikayla Magoon – Bunkerville 1 st Ward: I loved Women’s Conference. The theme, “I Am Why He Came”, was the message that I really needed to hear that day. Sister Condie had a way of portraying the Savior’s love for me with the things she spoke of.

Shirleen Gardner – Bunkerville 2 nd Ward: I thought the conference was very uplifting. The speaker was down to earth and shared experiences that I could relate to. I went away feeling better about myself. It was nice to be able to visit with other sisters in the stake and the boxed lunches were a great idea and yummy.

Charleen Bill – Littlefield Ward: I thought Sister Condie gave a wonderful presentation and did a really good job!

Sadie Cowley – Mesquite 1 st Ward (Young Women) The thing I remember about Women’s Conference is that she talked about how waiting on the Lord and waiting for our miracles to come is important because in the process of waiting we grow and start to realize more of the small miracles in our life. I really like that she talked about that and emphasized how our trials make us stronger.

Gail Frehner – Mesquite 2 nd Ward: The Mesquite Nevada Women’s Conference was exactly what I needed to uplift me from a long couple of weeks. From the moment I walked in with another sister (from our ward), to the time we left, it was just one inspiring, yet fun, moment after another. We were fed the minute we walked in, and the sisters that were serving the boxes of food were so kind and gracious to everyone. I knew that a lot of time and effort had gone into the preparing of all of these boxes. These sisters were tireless in making sure that there were enough for everyone. When my friend and I joined with other friends to eat, talk, and enjoy each other’s company, it was so relaxing to me. Then the time came to start the meeting. Sister Hollingshead was so gracious, and kind in welcoming us all there. She was so generous in her thanks for those who had come, those who had helped, and those that would be participating on the program. Every part of the meeting was so special to me individually. I felt the Spirit there strongly throughout the whole meeting. The songs, the prayers, and the speaker all seemed to flow from one to another. I especially loved the speaker, Sister Condie. I feel that they were inspired to get her to come and speak. Her talk seemed to effortlessly flow from one thing to another, from laughter to tears, from one happening in her life to a happening in someone else’s life. Whatever she said, I identified with. She made each of us feel that she was talking just to us on a one-to-one basis. She made me feel that she was my friend, my confidante, and that she understood my feelings because she had lived them and felt them too. I did so enjoy the Conference, but more than that I needed that Conference. I needed to feel those feelings, visit with fellow sisters and friends, and feel of the Spirit that was there that day. Almost every day since the Conference, I have thought of Sister Condie and something that she taught me or of something that she reminded me to do. I am trying to be more grateful and even giving thanks for irritating moments or circumstances. I am thankful that I was there that day. It will always be a blessing to me. I needed it, as I am sure all the sisters did. I thank our Stake Relief Society leaders for providing us this opportunity.

Amy Marshall – Mesquite 3 rd Ward Women’s Conference is a wonderful way to be renewed and refreshed. It’s a time to pause and ponder on where I’m at and where I want to be. It’s a great way to recenter my thoughts on Jesus Christ and work on my relationship with Him so I can also improve my relationship with others. I think the things that stood out to me were this: Focusing on my relationship with God is what will carry me through anything. He has not, nor will He ever give up on me. I cannot do anything that will put me out of reach of his grace. His grace will be sufficient to help turn my simple offerings into miracles, to make up for where I lack and help restore me when I am feeling lost, alone or discouraged. Turning to Him is ALWAYS the answer. Many times, we give up way too soon. He is always right on time. Perhaps a delay in His answering us is to prove just what kind of miracles He really can do. Instead of just a healing blessing, perhaps it will be a raise from the dead blessing. It is never too late for the Lord to assist. He can do anything, at any time. Have patience and trust in Him.

Mindy Hughes – Mesquite 4 th Ward Even though each sister there had different trials, were going through different things in their lives, were at different ages, and were at different stages in their lives, it felt like it was totally for just me. I know every sister had those same thoughts. I thought that Sister Condie was so inspired to be able to direct her message to everyone. Each person needs to work individually on little things to become better in their lives. The Women’s Conference was AWESOME!! We need more of this in our lives!

Laura Macdonald – Mesquite 5 th Ward I had the opportunity to attend our Stake Women’s Conference. I enjoyed the delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls, yogurt, and fruit presented in a paper lunch box. This with the autonomy to move and visit freely rather than being relegated at a table of 6-8 was most enjoyable. It helped me to mental place the meal as secondary to the real purpose of being there, the message of coming to Christ in hope and faith that He does and will deliver. Ganel-Lyn Condie was the guest speaker. We had received her booklet, “When You Let God Prevail His Promises Are Sure”, a couple of weeks before the conference. I read the pamphlet ahead of time but was still deeply touched by her message of God’s goodness and mercy. She used a variety of stories from her own background and family members or close friends to weave an intricate pattern of detailing evidence that God loves his children and keeps his promises. Her message touched the lives and experiences of young and old, on topics from suicide to seeking guidance in our lives for what the Lord wants us to do. I walked away feeling uplifted and strengthened in my own testimony of these principles:

• God who loves all of his children

• He will meet us where we are and lift us to where we desire to be.

• He does keep His promises and we can see evidence of His miracles daily in our lives if we open our eyes and hearts to recognize them.

• Nothing is too hard for the Lord, there is no depth we can go that He cannot reach us

• He is a merciful and loving God. I’m glad I attended!

Denise Jensen – Mesquite 6 th Ward After a couple of very exhausting and trying weeks, Women’s Conference was a muchneeded release. Excellent speaker, great company and good food all made for a wonderful Saturday morning.

Julie Perkins – Mesquite 7 th Ward: I thought the boxed breakfast was a good, efficient way to do it and it was tasted really good. I enjoyed getting the booklet, “Let God Prevail”, prior to Sister Condie coming and reading through it. I changed my scheduled flight to a later flight so I could hear her speak because I was so impressed with the booklet. I thought she gave a real powerful message that inspired me. I was glad to get the new cookbook. I appreciate all the hard work that was put into this event.

Isela Zarate – Virgin Valley Spanish Branch I am grateful for the message and her testimony that was given. Heavenly Father really knows what we need and when we need to hear something that’s important to us in our time of need.

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