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Mesquite Nevada West Stake Women's Conference

Mesquite Nevada West Stake held a Women’s Conference titled ‘Mental Health Matters’ on Feb. 3, 2024.

The young women had two classes to attend – ‘Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience by thinking Celestial’; these were taught by Ehrin Johnson, Anna Bullock, Mindy Hughes and Jennifer Brotherson. The young women were reminded that even when bad things happen, Heavenly Father will be there. The teachers asked the young women to do self-reflection and acknowledge all the good things in their life - not to make a list of things they are bad at or comparing themselves to others. They were reminded, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help; talk to parents and leaders. The song, ‘Peace in Christ’ was played to remind them find hope and joy through our Savior, Jesus Christ. The young women all received stickers with “Think Celestial” and a bracelet.

‘Identifying Your Children’s Struggles’ taught by David Taylor was about open communication to help with emotional and mental well—being.

‘How to Alleviate Stress in a Full House’ was the title of Emily Waite’s class. She gave suggestions on looking at situations in a different perspective. She presented ideas on simplifying home chores and organizing schedules and routines to alleviate stress in homelife.

Glen & Kelle Horlacher titled their class ‘Identifying and dealing with’ Moods, Depression, Anxiety.’ They spoke about the signs of anxiety, telltale signs of moods and their effect. They emphasized that “your soul is bigger than all of it!”

Bob Lystrup spoke about ‘Caring for the Caregiver’ and how to seek help for yourself that is vital when you are caring for another family member. “There is a life jacket to save and strengthen; they spoke of resources to help care for loved ones who are ill.

‘Lightening and Brightening your Path’ was the subject of Jodi Hughes’ class. She spoke about looking for joy and expressing gratitude. Look to the Lord and He will help us lighten our path. Keep life in perspective. She had the class visualize the juggler twirling the plates on the end of sticks – some day we feel like the juggler and that we have to get everything done. She reminded the sisters that hope can always be found - hope helps with challenges. For more resources see Life Help in the Gospel Library app. Life Help

A delicious breakfast including pancakes, scrambled eggs, ham and orange juice was served by the stake presidency, high council and missionaries. Thank you was expressed to Pres. Hollingshead and the men that served, set up tables and took down. Thank you to Mitsi Bender who shared piano music during breakfast. Thank you to the stake Relief Society presidency for organizing this conference – it was a learning time, a time to visit and greet other members of the stake.

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