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Message from the Stake Presidency

Dearest brothers and sisters, This is just a short note to make you aware of a few upcoming events in the stake with which you may want to participate (please see the links below for more details). 1. Stake Adult Religion a. Classes are held at the Mesquite Nevada Stake Center – 100 North Arrowhead Lane. b. Classes are held on Thursdays. c. Classes begin 8 September 2022 @ 6:00 d. See attached files for class detail and topics.

2. Our annual Day of Service for Mesquite and Bunkerville . 10 September 2022 a. Virgin River Clean-Up Day – b. Meet at Hafen Park at 8:00 am (450 W. Hafen Lane), for a continental breakfast. c. See attached file for details 3. Our annual Day of Service for Littlefield and Scenic. 10 September 2022 a. Community Clean-Up Day b. Breakfast starts at 7:00 am until 9:00 am at the Dixie Power building on Old Highway 91 c. See attached file for details

President Oaks taught the how and why of unselfish service: “Latter-day Saints are also renowned for their ability to unite in cooperative efforts. The Mormon pioneers who colonized the Intermountain West established our honored tradition of unselfish cooperation for the common good. Following in this tradition are our modern “Helping Hands” projects in many nations. . . Our members’ religious faith and Church service have taught them how to work in cooperative efforts to benefit the larger community. Because of this, Latter-day Saint volunteers are in great demand in education, local government, charitable causes, and countless other efforts that call for high skills in cooperative efforts and unselfish sacrifice of time and means. Some attribute our members’ willingness to sacrifice and their skills in cooperative efforts to our effective Church organization or to what skeptics mistakenly call “blind obedience.” Neither explanation is correct. No outside copying of our organization and no application of blind obedience could duplicate the record of this Church or the performance of its members. Our willingness to sacrifice and our skills in cooperative efforts come from our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, from the inspired teachings of our leaders, and from the commitments and covenants we knowingly make”. Thank you in advance for any service you are able give. With our love Mesquite Nevada Stake Presidency

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