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The Relief Society House, Work Day 1-2023

A work day was held at the Relief Society house on Willow St. with a lot of people helping carry wooden door frames, and old lumber, while some were pulling staples out of the old linoleum covering the solid wood floor. The architectural features of the Tudor style are still on the exterior even though it had been covered in siding.

Wes Carter said, “The original stove is at the museum and will eventually be brought back and installed in the same place in the front room. We have several sewing machines in storage that will be displayed and we have plans to put up quilts so people can come and experience quilting. The house could also be used for events as it has a large open space in the first room. The city will build a block wall and do the landscaping. Of most importance now is to get power to the house and new conduit put in.” The original house was only the back room – 10’ x15’ and the other rooms were added when the ladies in the Relief Society needed more space to quilt.

Work days are planned on the 3rd Saturday of each month and anyone interested is invited to come and help with the repairs. Many thanks to the men, women and youth that came Saturday to help clean up inside.

A benefit Pickleball Tournament is planned for March 7-9th at the Old Mill Courts. Proceeds of the event will go to the historical Relief Society House renovations. Men or women skill levels 3.0 and above are welcome. Early registration by February 17 includes a T-Shirt. Registration deadline is February 27.

To register visit:

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