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Please join us for another start to the Self-Reliance Initiative, Thursday, September 30th, 6pm at the Stake Center. We will have a brief orientation and then separate into groups, diving right into week 1 of the various courses offered. Pending group sizes and interest, courses can include Personal Finance, Emotional Resilience, Starting and Growing a Business, Education for Better Work, and Find a Better Job. Each course varies in duration, but you can expect to meet 1-2 hours per week for 10-12 weeks. Each week is packed with guidance and inspiration. The meetings are flexible and invite a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Days and times of the week are up to the group. If you need to skip 1 or 2 weeks, that’s okay. Pick it up the following week and keep going.

We invite you to come and get started with a positive life-changing experience...for adults and youth 16 +. Casual dress is strongly encouraged. We hope to see you on the 30th..

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